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New York II & Colorado I – Brothers Reunited.

It came as a great delight to arrive in Colorado. The large mountain peaks and grassy fields welcomed us. It was a huge contrast to the constant corn and soybean fields of Kansas!

Fully loaded with information from the Colorado tourist centre, we headed into Denver to find some accommodation and get settled in. To our surprise, every single youth hostel we tried calling and visiting was completely booked out. The spontaneous approach had a hit wall. With our tails between our legs, we headed up the mountain to Conifer, which had a camping ground with some availability.


As it was getting quite late, we had arrived at the campground after hours. We were greeted by a caretaker who warned us about bears in the area, and to not leave any trace of food in our campsite.
With the aid of our vehicle headlights, we set up our campsite and called it a day.

A couple of hours into our shuteye, we were rudely reminded of the high altitude surroundings. Nobody has told us how bloody cold it gets at 9000ft! Unequipped with thermal clothing we lay shivering in our +10 degree sleeping bags, which kept us warm through the European summer. After a cold, interrupted nights sleep; we awoke and darted for the car to warm ourselves up. Doing this, we interrupted a deer that was eating close by. Welcome to the beautiful Colorado! :)


Our mission for the next day was to get ourselves accommodation indoors, preferably in Denver as we had tickets to see Feed Me perform with his renowned “Teeth” stage.
We landed some decent accommodation and headed to the Ogden Theatre. Here we saw Feed Me perform in front of packed out venue that reassembled the Palace Theatre in Melbourne. He really didn’t disappoint, putting on an amazing visual and sound display that have everybody in awe.


For the first time on our journey, the Camen brothers split and went their own ways. Daniel heading off to New York to meet Adrian, our brother from another mother, where they would attend Electric Zoo and celebrate Adrian’s 25th Birthday.
Luke remained in Denver and had sourced a local bush doof (Freeman Music Festival) to attend whilst the other two caused havoc in NYC.

After watching numerous films, music videos and photography, New York has always been a lifelong goal for Adrian to visit.
Jet lagged and only having two days to explore New York before attending Electric Zoo, meant Adrian needed to jam pack his time.

In those two days he managed to see most of the landmarks ranging from the Wall Street, World Trade Memorial, Chelsea and its high line, Little Italy, China Town, Empire State Building, Time Square and Central Park. He was also able to secure a cheap Helicopter ride and see New York from a difference perspective.


After the two days exploring New York, it was time for Daniel and Adrian to combine forces and enjoy Electric Zoo.

Electric Zoo, a large electronic music festival set in Randall’s Park, hosted some of the worlds best electronic dj’s.

It was a combination of long queues, lightly clothed women, Candy Beads, a problematic cashless system and incredible music spread over a three-day period. Although the festival was cut short on the final day due to severe weather, the boys were still able to watch 11 of their favourite artists and attend 2 underground, unofficial after parties.


Using an I-phone app, Luke found a little local festival in Boulder to check out on his own whilst the boys were in New York. Completely out of his comfort zone, he was welcomed to a large farm property, which also acted as yoga retreat.
The property really came alive, with local Colorado residents docking their best raver attire and enjoying a three-day bush doof amongst natural surroundings. Although the festival appeared small, the organisers managed to secure Jantsen, a locally produced International Dubstep artist and also attract Dj Dara (Drum and Bass) from San Diego to perform for the hyper crowd.

Luke was fortunate enough to meet some great friends from the festival who took him under their festival wings. If those woods could talk, they’d have a thousand stories to tell from that weekend.
Magical moments really do occur out of ones comfort zone


Having completed a jam-packed weekend of music and good times, it was time for the three musketeers to reunite at the Denver Airport to commence their third journey together in 4 years. To the Rocky Mountains we go. ☺


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Road Trip - Detroit to Denver, Colorado.

We picked up our Grey Ford Fusion from Detroit Airport and set off towards Indiana, which we soon found out must be the corn growing capital of America!
Needing a GPS, we hit the local highway and came across a large fireworks factory that serves the public. Like kids in a candy store we stocked up on the necessities, (Roman Candles as thick as your arm, big mortars, crackers and rockets) all for a 10th of the price we pay back home. The manager of the shop even served us beer whilst browsing. ☺ This was the only thing he asked i.d for!


After getting a few hundred kilometres under our belt, we stopped in a small town called Muncie and slept amongst some cornfields. Having not purchased any camping equipment yet, Daniel slept awkwardly across the back seat, whilst Luke slept beside the car gazing at the fireflies whilst becoming mosquito food.


Our next day begun by heading to Wall Mart and buying camping equipment that will see us through the impending journey. We quickly learnt that Wall Mart stock a large range of BB Guns and air rifles so it would have been rude of us to not partake in such activities! ☺

Our destination for the day was Turkey Run State Park located in Marshall, Indiana.


We spent a good day hiking the many trails on offer, passing through the sandstone valleys, ravines and natural waterfalls that represent Mother Nature’s handiwork. One of the clear highlights was Daniel almost stepping on a snake trying to be adventurous and not use the steps provided. If only we caught the shocked look on his face, it was highly entertaining!

Now fully equipped and in need of a shower, we paid $10 and stayed in a fully serviced camp ground near by. It was crazy to see how big some of these American RV’s can be – They are literally a home away from home for these folk.

Later that night, Turkey Run certainly put on a great lightning show, however it was not accompanied by rain. Winning ☺


Our first stop for the day was Springfield, Illinois. The Capital of Illinois, which was once occupied by the famous Abraham Lincoln. Hungry and wanting to get amongst the beautiful parks on offer, we stopped for breakfast in the National Park where hundreds of local people partake in their daily exercise around the park.


On our way out of Springfield we saw an old classic car collector, which had old, worn out American Muscle Cars. We instantly relived childhood memories of our father telling us stories about these car yards existing, so we took the nearest exit and backtracked through cornfields to find out what gems where left to rot in this field.

Soon after arriving, we were met by an eccentric bloke telling us not to take photographs. His tone soon changed once he knew we were no harm and began to tell his life story.
Dave has been in the game for 16 years, collecting old barn finds and sending them to new homes around the world so they can be restored to former glory.



All listened out, we hit the highway again only to see a monster sized car yard so we once again stopped to check it out. This yard was different to Dave’s as it contained old collectables that are in far better shape.



Hungry and a bit over seeing these beautiful cars and having no money to by them, we made some distance and stocked up on supplies. Nearing sunset, we stopped in this very wealthy area and could only find a piece of swampland nestled amongst mansions to set up our tent. As we were visible to the neighbours, we went and made dinner in some near by corn fields, watched the sunset with some local beers and testing out some of our newly purchased rockets! ☺
That night we were put to sleep by what sounded like thousands of crickets having an orgy!


St Louis was the next city on our agenda. Conscious of all the trouble going on in near by Ferguson, we kept it low key and checked out a few of the local sites.
We stayed in this pretty run down hostel just beside the baseball ground, which had all the comforts required.
We were pointed in the direction of 4th St, which has all the happening bars and settled in. Once again, the accents made us a lot of friends, one in particular, a 32 year mother of 4 who was busy boasting about her newly purchased fake breasts. She had the moves of a stripper and even offered to show us how she can still lactate! We thankfully declined and headed to a Karaoke bar with a friendly group of people, which quickly escalated into a drunken party that stretched into the early morning.

Awake, and seriously hung over, we began our journey towards Kansas City.
Nearing the end of a days driving, we really struggled to find anywhere to camp out. This particular region that we had stopped in had these enormous sand flies that would surround the car as soon as we came to a halt. Annoyed by this, we got a caffeine hit and continued to drive towards Kansas until fatigue started to kick in. We got off the highway and managed to find a piece of land beside a dirt track to sleep the night.
Unaware of our new surroundings, we were woken up by farmer Joe screaming like a boy whose balls have not yet dropped demanding we leave straight away.
Abiding and apologetic, we used this early wake up to get some km’s under our belt and head to Bonner Springs for a “Life in Colour” paint party.


Upon arriving in Bonner Springs, we found a campground located close to the amphitheater hosting the paint party. Hot and Humid, we put some swimming shorts on and heading to the local aquatic park that was heavily signed. To our surprise the aquatic park had no water in it as senior school had commenced, which meant that all the life guards were unavailable to keep watch. So we headed to the library to complete those accumulating errands you get when traveling on the road. (Mainly Facebook)

The Bonner Springs Amphitheatre hosted a Life in Colour party, featuring some our favourite electronic DJ’s such as Loudpvck, Pegboard Nerds and Kill the Noise. Excited by what was to come, we were greeted by a young energetic crowd, wearing next to nothing and ready to get amongst some paint. At the gate, securities main concern was to stop Glow Sticks coming into the venue so everything was happy days. For the next 4 hours we bounced around to some great music and got drenched in paint. Being the tall people we are, girls kept coming up wanting to sit on our shoulders and get a better view. A few days on, Luke still cant feel his right shoulder!! ☺


Leaving Bonner Springs, we now had our sights on heading to Denver, Colorado.
We found a trucker’s rest stop, which doubled as a campground for the night, which provided a good opportunity to rest before committing to the 800 km trek that remained for Denver.


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